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Lock It Link Slot Machine Bonus ★MASSIVE WIN★,Better Than ★HANDPAY JACKPOT★ $1500 Live Play

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Rating: 4.58, Duration: 23:4 , Author: VEGAS HIGH ROLLER SLOT MACHINES BY N.G, Likes: 22, Dislikes: 2, source


  1. You don't need to play 10 and 15 a spin on this one to win the amounts you did. I see it all the time at 5 dollars a spin bonus after bonus. It's either in the right paying mode or it's not. I feel so bad you spent so much before getting it back. But since you seem to have endless amounts of cash on hand I guess it's all about the enjoyment of spinning the reels for you. Good job getting your money back tho better luck next time !?

  2. Not exactly sure what you netted back. I think you are a little ahead so good comeback. I can't imagine putting $900 in a machine.

  3. Were you playing the same machine the whole time? Man nice come back almost had a heart attack watching this.

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