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★DOWN TO MY LAST $100.00!★ MEGA VAULT TO THE RESCUE!! Slot Machine Bonus (IGT)

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DOWN TO MY LAST $100.00 at Barona Resort & Casino in Southern California (yes I had my highs & lows) and Shinobi suggested I try MEGA VAULT (IGT). Now this was no ordinary MEGA VAULT slot machine! This was the very same MEGA VAULT slot machine that KURI SLOT hit an insane huge hand pay jackpot on a few months back! I just had to try it to see if it still had anymore to give! 😎


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  1. Congrats!! Have never seen this machine! Looks fun..Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great job on Mega Vault!! This game for me doesn't do it, that was a pretty sweet session! Congrats!

  3. Not bad. There was still $300 in the vault for you to take back to Washington DC with you for the flight home. Kuri might have been able to transfer more of her good luck to you if she'd been there at Barona to pat the machine. Too bad she had to work. Next trip maybe.

  4. Nice live play on that game! I love the volatility… thanks for sharing!

  5. Did I hear my fav Shinobi n brother in the background ?

  6. Mega Vault is one of those wildly volatile machines like Prowling Panther, but when it pays, it pays! Came close to handpays on that machine a couple of times. Other times it gobbles up my $100 without a single bonus or decent line hit. I wish they'd fix the sound, but I still keep playing it. Nice win!

  7. Love ❤️ happy endings … especially when it happens on games like this one. Great run. Hope you have more on this one in the future -:) Congrats!

  8. Nice job, I am yet to have my handpay on this game but my day will come!

  9. Fantastic session! That machine was definitely showing you love 👍👍

  10. Awesome run on this game Albert! Glad it got you some $$ back!!!

  11. Where is this game on the vegas strip? I thought Aria and i went but i couldn't find it. Any help please..

  12. Excellent run on this one. I must say this session is waaaaaay different than the one I had. Haha, but I will try again.

  13. You stuck with it! I have had a drought on this one lately. A while back I did see a guy win a $2k jackpot on 40 cents and he had a 4 symbol bonus trigger! So that does give me some hope!

  14. Nice way to boost up back your bankroll. Keep on winning Albert.

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